I feel that the art critic missed the point when reviewing the exhibit “Global Insight Through the Eyes of Kids” presently at the Addlestone Library (“Pictures of Innocence,” May 31, 2006). These young photographers are between the ages of six through 18, from Charleston and Calcutta. He seemed to lack the understanding or perception into the reason for the show. The kids used basic “point and shoot” cameras and expressed themselves suprisingly well from their point of view without the hindrance of being “overcoached.” The endearing thing about the exhibit was that the kids from two different cultures and backgrounds enjoyed and focused their cameras on similar things without preconditioned points of view and with a certain innocence. The program is meant to empower the kids and give them a sense of creative accomplishment. I hope that people will still go and see these wonderful images.

Gene Furchgott
Summerville, S.C.

Once again Will Moredock bashes the notion of drilling off the South Carolina coast because the clueless Henry Brown suggested it could solve our energy crisis. With Moredock I agree — it can’t, it won’t. While drilling “may” have a detrimental impact on the pristine — artificially replenished — tourist beaches, Moredock fails to address any solution for transporting the millions of tourists that he finds crucial to the economy of South Carolina.

It is easy to NIMBY oil production to Nigeria where environmental concerns (let’s rush to the leaking pipeline for our fuel, beware of explosions) or worker safety (yeah right) is something one reads (if they could read) about in TIME magazine. Equally easy is to blame Washington for not upping the CAFE standards for new automobiles. Let’s wait for “them” to tell us what to do! How does this fit with Federalism or states’ rights?

Why not endorse a policy of intelligent growth with sensible transportation? The Lowcountry is flat. Don’t believe it? Just wait for the next storm surge from a hurricane. Bicycles, electric cars, golf carts are practical alternatives to driving Surburbans/Navigators/Expeditions to Harris Teeter for a quart of milk.

Are we bold/strong/responsible enough to choose our destiny? Or, must we sit on our butts waiting for someone in Columbia or Washington to tell us what to do?

Dennis k. biby

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