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OK, so four students (Abel, Betty, Curtis, and Denise) are heading out for a night on the town, each one from a different Charleston-area school (College of Charleston, The Citadel, Trident Tech, and Charleston Southern University), and each one thirsting for a different type of drink (Palmetto Pale Ale, a shot of Jäger, a vodka and cranberry, and a martini) at different bars (A.C.’s, Cumberland’s, Lite Affair, Kickin’ Chicken). All four of these bars are located within a six-block radius, so bar-hopping is simple enough — but the question is: which bar did each student end up at, and what was their last drink of the evening? Here’s some clues to help you sort things out in the drunken haze of the bright 2 a.m. lights.

1. Kickin’ Chicken had a special on Palmetto Pale Ale, which the Trident student took advantage of.

2. Curtis ran into Denise early at A.C.’s, but both eventually headed further south on King Street.

3. Abel, who didn’t order the vodka/cran, wanted to avoid the crowd at Cumberland’s.

4. The Citadel student ended up on Calhoun Street and spilled her drink — luckily, she had already eaten the olive.

5. Curtis, who is not a beer drinker, heard a rumor that avoiding brown liquor meant no hangover and heeded the advice.

6. The CSU student bought shots for all (including himself) just before closing time.

7. The CofC student, who isn’t Betty, despises Jäger.

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