There’s no doubt about it, the internet is a powerful, merciless bitch of a tool. As my friend Jay used to tell me: “Never post anything on the Internet that you don’t want people to read — that’s like putting a bullhorn to your mouth.”

I myself have fallen victim to ignorant postings and misguided rants, but try to take it all with a grain of salt. Half the time, it’s written in the heat of the moment over a brief conflict involving miscommunication, and the other half, it’s poorly typed by some miserable yokel who doesn’t even personally know me and is just angry at life because the meth lab in his trailer exploded. But hey, I’d rather be written about than not at all, right?

Well, for some local male hustlers, this might not be the case. A couple weeks ago, a CP reader tipped me off about a website called “” She e-mailed the link, adding the final remark, “With so many players in Charleston, this may be a way to stop them!” I appreciate her gusto, but the fight against cheaters is like the war on drugs — if there’s only one side fighting, nobody can win.

I was vaguely familiar with the site, recalling a recent news story about a lawsuit filed by a man who claimed to be a victim, and also was, conveniently enough, a lawyer. He had been “called out” by multiple women who claimed he was bisexual, had illegitimate children, and a nasty case of herpes. He not only sued the women for defamation, but also the site’s founder, Tasha Joseph. The case is still tied up in the courts, but something tells me it’ll get thrown out due to some First Amendment internet loophole.

Regardless, I couldn’t help but be a little intrigued, so I quickly redirect my attention towards the site. “” is like the cyber version of the chalkboard in the girls’ bathroom at AC’s — except that once an accusation has been posted on the “wall” for everyone to see, it’s not like you can just wipe it away with your sleeve. I think that’s why most girls opt for the sharpie on the back of the stall door.

Type in the word “Charleston,” and you’ll end up with a list of 41 and counting alleged cheaters. I decided to click on the first name that popped up, we’ll just call him “Don,” and here’s the PG-13 version of what I was greeted with:

“Ladies Listen to me!!!! This Nigga Has a HHHHHuge D**k, But don’t let it fool you… Because He’s nothing but a lyin ass Baby Making dead beat p***y eatin Bitch!!”

Oh my. Well, one can certainly say that this woman is convinced that her man done did her wrong, but Jesus! Ranting like this doesn’t help prove a case, does it?

And furthermore, the entire site reeks of this false sense of women empowerment, but we all know why ladies are posting these god-awful things about men. Not because they care about their sisters getting hurt, but because they want to stick it to the guy who fucked them over. Maybe, regardless of their intention, it’s still valuable information, but there’s gotta be a gentler way to handle it.

Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I searched for former boyfriends, and luckily none popped up. I hate to say it, but when I have a new John to pursue, I’m sure I’ll do my “research”. And just so you don’t feel left out, fellas, “” is in the works. Women of Charleston, tread lightly!

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