Mt. Pleasant Goes to the Dog

The King Street Grille will be taking its extensive selection of food and beer to the other side of the bridge with the opening of a second location at 1136 Hungryneck Blvd. in Mt. Pleasant. The new Grille, in the old Central Restaurant location, will open this Thursday. The bar and restaurant will surpass the downtown location when it comes to eye candy, with over 30 plasma televisions and two 180-inch HD projection screens. Executive Chef Eric Frank says the Mt. P spot will uphold the Grille’s mantra of “great food, great beer, and great atmosphere,” replicating the plentiful menu with a few favorites carried over from Central Restaurant. –Matthew Gannon

You Say Tomatoes

Summerville will be getting some genuine Italian fare with the upcoming addition of Tomatoes, a new restaurant slated to open at 717 Old Trolley Road in the Trolley Crossing Shopping Center in mid-October. Tomatoes, the second establishment from owners Toni-Ann and Mark Fivecoate, who also run The Krankee Yankee in Summerville, will feature Italian family cuisine, using recipes from Toni-Ann’s “100 percent Italian” mother and grandmother. Fivecoate says that he has personally been enjoying many of the recipes over the last 23 years of marriage to his wife and looks forward to sharing some of this “pretty tasty stuff” with the public. Tomatoes will offer a variety of food, ranging from pastas to steaks to seafood, at affordable prices. The new location will also feature curb-side carry-out service and catering. –MG

Lil’ Mama On the Move

Lil’ Mama’s is bringing its “funky and eclectic” style of Folly Beach food to Mt. Pleasant with the opening of a new restaurant at 440 West Coleman Blvd., the old SoCal Burrito spot. The restaurant’s name is still in the works, but co-owner Seana Slynn says that the new place will feature “a menu with Lil’ Mama’s flare, but something new and different” at the same time. Slynn and her business partner Beth Burrell say they will serve lunch and dinner, seven days a week, and will also tote a nice beer and wine selection. The types of food will include an assorted selection of quesadillas, salads, wraps, pastas; or in the words of Slynn, “a little bit of everything.” Meals will range from $5-$10, with nothing on the menu above $15. –MG

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