MB Road Trip!

Coming up at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach: The Rev. Horton Heat and The Horrorpops rev things up on Wed. Sept. 13; Rusted Root shake some dust on Thurs. Sept. 14; and The Drive-By Truckers head up Highway 17 from Chazzfest for a big rock show on Sun. Sept. 17 with Bobby Bare Jr. Check the full schedule at www.hob.com/venues/clubvenues/myrtlebeach. –TBL


Opening for the big Wormbelly “reunion show” (see p. 61) at the Music Farm on Fri. Sept. 15 is 351 Cleveland, a rock band returning from an even longer break. The group called it quits in 2002, with members pooling together in other projects (L. Brown Odyssey, Big Gospel Fuselage, Lowercase Thieves). As for the current incarnation, which recently started recording new material, vocalist/guitarist Dustin Fanning laughs, “It’s incestuous, just like everything else in Charleston musically.” Fanning understands the pull of the familiar. Around for just as long as Wormbelly, the band drew a devoted fan base, and those people are eager to hear from an old favorite. “People who come up and talk to me at shows ask, ‘When’s 351 gonna play again?’ For Fanning and his bandmates, it just made sense to revisit the equation that worked for them for so long. “I spent so many years with that band; you’re never gonna shake it. It’s kinda like being a TV actor trying to make a multimillion dollar film – it’s still there.” –Shawnté Salabert


Local alt-rock band The Working Title recently returned from a national tour supporting the Counting Crows and the Goo Goo Dolls … just long enough to rest up before heading back out on the road this weekend for a two-week tour of the North and Midwest behind their new album, About Face (Universal/Motown). See www.theworkingtitle.com for more. –TBL


Atlanta-based folk/pop act the Indigo Girls are on for a concert at Charleston Music Hall on Sat. Oct. 7. The sturdy duo have been at it for nearly 20 years. They’re touring this fall in support of their new 13-song album, Despite Our Differences. Tickets are available for $38 (plus fees) at local Millennium Music stores, by phone at 800-514-ETIX, and online at www.etix.com and www.charlestonmusichall.com. –TBL

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