POP/ROCK | Yates Dew
“CD Release” w/ The Noises 10
Wed. Dec. 6
The Pour House
$7 ($5 with a college ID)

“I haven’t played out in over a year,” laughs Carolina songwriter Yates Dew. “I spent so much time recording the record and whatnot, I didn’t have time to keep a band together. Now that it’s finished and released, I think it’s time to get out and support it.” Dew is pretty well-known amongst Charlestonians for his fluid, Southern-style power-pop and grooves and sweet-hearted lyrics. After years of playing and working in the music biz — both as a performer and club owner — Dew has settled into a sane routine as co-owner of the cozy West Ashley Bait & Tackle restaurant and music venue and as a part-time songwriter/bandleader. He recently released a nine-song solo album titled The Day. The Dog. The Girl. — a collection that blends elements of power-pop, Piedmont twang, contemporary rock, and smooth rhythmic grooves. It has already received critical acclaim and airplay in and around S.C. — including a featured slot on XM Radio’s Radar Report. Guests on the recording include several Charleston talents (pianist Annie Boxell, horn player Charlton Singleton), and Tarheel musicians (members of Noises 10, Biscuit Boys, and others). Dew’s current live band lineup features bassist Stuart Hill (formerly of Shudder to Think), drummer Steven Sandiver, and guitarist/singer Bobby Plexico (formerly of Big Foam Finger). Dew and his band share the stage with The Noises 10 at the Pour House at 8 p.m.. T. Ballard Lesemann WEDNESDAY

ROCK | Tennessee Rounders
w/ The Defilers
Fri. Dec. 8

Hailing direct from Chattanooga, the high-energy foursome known as The Tennessee Rounders play a juiced-up brand of proud Southern country/rock they call “honkytonkabilly.” Channing Wilson, Bryan Gross, Peewee Moore, and Mike Hagaman have been putting their warts ‘n’ all wares on display for the past four years at juke joints, nightclubs, and bars throughout the Southeast and beyond. The guys just released their second album, Here We Go, in October. They haven’t toned things down one iota but have, rather, tightened up the reins a mite with the album’s toe-tapping mix of old-school honky tonk, slicked-back rockabilly, and reverb-heavy garage sounds providing a spot-on soundtrack to both long roadtrips and backyard keg-tappers. Whether praising the merits of “Alabama Women” or celebrating the fiscal advantages of “Pabst Blue Ribbon” (“Make it P.B.R., A.S.A.P.,” no less), these fellers stir up one of the most satisfying musical melting pots this side of Southern Culture on the Skids — fried chicken and Lucha Libre antics notwithstanding. —Michael Andrews FRIDAY

w/ needtobreathe, Cary Ann Hearst Band
Sat. Dec. 9
The Plex

Rock songwriter and singer/guitarist Will Hoge — a diligent bandleader happily based in the non-mersh side of things in Nashville — recently released two bold collections of Americana anthems and rockers — The American EP and the brand-new 10-song album, The Man Who Killed Love, produced by Ken Coomer (ex-Wilco) and Charlie Brocco (Robbie Robertson). The single “Pocketful of Change” has been tearing it up on some modern rock stations around the South, including 96 Wave. Hoge’s current backing band features guitarist Adam Fluhrer, bassist Dean Tomasek, drummer Sigurdur Birkis, and keyboardist Jefferson Crowe. For more, check out www.willhoge.com and look for a City Paper Q&A in the music section at www.charlestoncitypaper.com. Upstate S.C. alt-rock band needtobreathe recently released their major label debut on Atlantic/Lava label. Local pop/rock group the Cary Ann Hearst Band opens the show in full force. 8 p.m. TBL SATURDAY

HIP-HOP | Black Sheep
w/ Intellekt & Dirty Digits, Blaq & Kurfu, and U.F.O
Tues. Dec. 12
The Pour House

Influential veteran rap/hip-hop act Black Sheep hail from Queens, N.Y. Andre “Dres” Titus and William “Mista Lawnge” McLean made their big splash in 1991 with the release of A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, a funky/jazzy jam full of catchy rhymes and wit. They were more into presenting a “spectrum of sounds” and grooves than diving into booty-shaking bullshit. Black Sheep are officially back at it and on their first tour in over a decade with support from Intellekt & Dirty Digits, Blaq & Kurfu, and U.F.O (with B-Boy showcase by Hipnotik Body Rock). Music kicks up at 9 p.m. Check www.myspace.com/blacksheep for more. TBL SATURDAY

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