NEW YEAR’S EVE EVENT — Welcome back, Taylor
New Year’s Revolution 2
Sun. Dec. 31
5-7 p.m.
7 p.m.-until
10 Storehouse Row
Old Navy Base (N. Charleston)

Thank goodness it’s Christmas, because all of the Charleston natives start returning in droves to visit family (or just take in a little of the 70-plus degree weather we’ve had for the better part of December) — and they usually have some fantastic stories to tell or new friends to introduce around. Artist Kevin Taylor will be back for the turning of the year, and to celebrate, he’s curating an art show/concert/party on New Year’s Eve at 10 Storehouse Row (see pg. 45 for more on this new space) featuring 25 artists from across the country, including Taylor and childhood pal Shepard Fairey, Bea Aaronson, John Pundt, Will Eskridge, Lauren Wong, Mulletpony, Steve Pomberg, and more. There will be plenty of pie and “punch” courtesy of EVO Pizza and Palmetto Brewery, respectively, and the soundtrack to the revelry will be provided by A Decent Animal, Clint4, DJ Pip, and possibly some special guests. Be there to find out…

EVENT — C’mon in, the water’s fi — YIKES!
Polar Bear Plunge
Mon. Jan. 1
12-4:30 p.m.
Free (donations requested)
Snapper Jack’s
14 Center St.
Dunleavy’s Polar Plunge
Mon. Jan. 1
12 p.m.
Free (donations gathered)
Dunleavy’s Pub
2213-B Middle St.

What better way possible is there to cure a hangover than a mid-afternoon, icy-cold dip into the Atlantic? Perhaps when the icy-cold dip makes money for a good cause? Well dreamer, make your way over to Folly Beach on the first day of 2007 and join other thick-skinned swimmers as they run straight into the ocean at the Polar Bear Plunge. The Make-A-Wish Foundation hosts this fund-raiser while Snapper Jack’s will have hot tubs set up in the parking lot, towels for swimmers, and T-shirts for donations to Make-A-Wish. Over on Sullivan’s Island, Dunleavy’s will also be hosting a plunge to raise money for Special Olympics South Carolina — register online at, gather pledges from friends, family, or strangers you can trust to give you money later, then bring your pledge sheet with you to the Plunge, or mail it, along with any checks or cash, to Special Olympics SC, 810 Dutch Square Blvd., Columbia, SC, 29210. And don’t forget that the crazier the costume you promise to wear (they allow and encourage zaniness at Dunleavy’s!), the more money you’re likely to get out of tight-fisted Scrooges this time of year.

CONCERT MUSIC — Rockin’ the cello
Glory & Optimism
Sat. Jan. 6
8 p.m.
$15-$50, $5/students with ID
Gaillard Auditorium
77 Calhoun St.

For the first Masterworks series concert of 2007, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra has invited cello superstar Daniel Mueller-Schott to join them for an evening of moving, uplifting string work. Music Director David Stahl will lead the CSO and Mueller-Schott through Edward Elgar’s Concerto for Cello, written in 1919 in Austria just after the Great War, and Bruckner’s Symphony No. 4 (“Romantic”).

COMEDY — Laughter be a lady
Mary Kay Has a Posse
Fri. Dec. 29
8 p.m.
Theatre 99
280 Meeting St.

Bucking the bullshit that recently spewed out of Vanity Fair hack Christopher Hitchens’ pen in a column oh-so-cleverly entitled “Why Women Aren’t Funny,” the members of Mary Kay Has a Posse comprise South Carolina’s only all-female — and all-riotous — improv group. Jennifer Dyer-Buddin, Jessica Chase, Camille Lowman, and Have Not! Brandy Sullivan are the felicitous foursome, who switch between improvised sketches and the chat-show style “Posse Talk,” where they perch on stools and offer pithy observations (which often worm their ways into the sketches). Oh, and did we mention yet that since only two of the Mary Kay Posse members currently live in Charleston, they only get together once or twice a year? Their last performance in town was over six months ago, so if your curiosity is piqued at all, now’s the time to head over to Theatre 99 for a hearty dose of post-Christmas mirth.

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