The Eye omitted President Ford’s most destructive act, one we are still paying for (“How Quickly We Forget,” Views, Jan. 10). He did not win the election, burdening us with President Carter.

P.S.: Can you get Mr. Moredock on some medication that will relieve his morbid pessimism?

Frank Leister


This letter is written in response to the letter written by John Allen entitled “We’re All Going To Hell” (Letters, Jan. 10).

Dearest John Allen: You obviously have nothing better to do than sit around and read the Bible and criticize others for how they live their lives. Instead, maybe you should take up the hobbies of your hypocritical, judgmental, and prejudiced counterparts (i.e. hanging out in dirty bookstores after church, picking up strangers at the nearest rest area when you are really “at the market,” and/or sitting down by the Battery praying that you will get the opportunity to suck at least one dick before you go home to your unsuspecting wife).

Remember, my friend, God don’t like ugly and we are all created in her image. So maybe you need to live your life with a more open and loving heart just like the Baby Jesus did or stop reading Charleston City Paper. Put it down, man! Otherwise, remember to wear something breathable, because there will be no A/C on the bus you, too, will be riding into hell.

Douglas Gleason


Regarding Mr. John Allen’s letter, one has to wonder why Mr. Allen bothers to read the Charleston City Paper if he finds it so offensive. Perhaps he is slightly tantalized by that which he professes to find so appalling. Oops, sorry, guess I am judging someone when I don’t really know them.

My suggestion to Mr. Allen: Either stop reading the CCP or, before noticing the speck in another’s eye, take the log out of your own. (Surely you know that, Mr. Allen – Matthew 7:1-5)

Fran Mickey
James Island


Michael Graham, like most other neoconservatives and cheerleaders for the Iraq fiasco, has no personal stake involved and is only too happy to have others go in his stead to do the killing, maiming, and dying.

He states that “we’ve spent less than 5% of a single year’s GNP on the entire war effort” (“A Fighting Chance,” Views, Jan. 10) One can only imagine his cries of governmental taxing and spending if such an amount of money were to be spent on health care, education, or any other social program here at home. He would preach indignantly about liberals spending our tax dollars so wastefully.

He further states that “but as a nation we have yet to take this war seriously. We’ve deployed less than one-third of one percent of our population in Iraq thus far…” Perhaps we don’t take the war seriously because it was so unnecessary and so wrapped in falsehoods and outright lies. Mr. Graham certainly appears healthy and young enough to enlist in the military and volunteer for deployment to Iraq. Don’t count on that happening though. Mr. Graham, like the neocons, war cheerleaders, and war profiteers, is a fraud and a coward.

John Cox
Mt. Pleasant


Recently, my friend Shannon Smith headed up an effort to get a concrete skate park built in Charleston. There are several reasons why Charleston needs a state-of-the-art concrete facility:

1. If there is no free facility available for young skaters, they resort to turning the city into a skate park, which is dangerous. In a public skate park, there are usually adults present to somewhat monitor the activities of participants. There is also no danger of cars.

2. While there are several private skate facilities in the area, they are often short-lived. Private facilities are wooden and require constant maintenance; especially since most are outdoors. To have an indoor ramp, you would have to rent a building, which is yet another expense. A concrete skate park requires little to no maintenance.

3. S.C. is the only state in the entire country that doesn’t have at least one decent concrete facility. Charleston has been the training ground for several pro level skaters: Dave “Science Fair” Maxwell, Blaze Blouin, Benji Galloway, and Jimmy Lepahart, to name a few.

There was a recent article in the Post and Courier about skateboarding; I was even quoted, but they failed to really cover the issue we wanted them to, which is the effort to get a concrete park.

Contact your local city council member and let them know you support the effort!

Danielle Wolke
Johns Island

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