“I don’t see anything wrong with reading a book, watching a movie, talking to a friend. It’s extremely slow and there’s nothing else to possibly do.”

An unnamed officer, spilling the beans on the purported reason why he and four other Mt. Pleasant police officers lost their jobs last week. The former officer claimed that four resigned and a fifth was fired because they were watching movies on their laptops and chitchatting while on the job. Source: The Post and Courier


That’s the goal that Trident United Way exceeded in its annual fund-raising effort, eventually receiving $9 million in donations. Source: The Post and Courier

“Clemson University Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

The introduction on Clemson’s website to a list of the official events at the school. One student event, in which guests dressed like gangstas, including a white boy covered in black paint, has sparked a national controversy.

$12 million

That’s the amount the Charleston Catholic diocese has agreed to set aside to pay abuse victims and the families of abuse victims to settle claims. Source: The Post and Courier

“This is for all the people who want to lose weight and need some motivation.”

Charleston resident Chris Cox, who planned to ride 500 miles down U.S. 1 to convince his 46-year-old sister to lose 100 pounds. Source: The St. Augustine Record

$40 billion

That’s the estimated annual cost, both directly and indirectly, of the common cold in the United States, according to a University of Michigan study. Source: The Washington Post


That’s the amount of a grant to AccessNET, a consortium of health centers and community groups that assist uninsured and underinsured residents in Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester counties, by the BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation.

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