A Day In My Shoes

I would like to ask Will Moredock what his plan is to help abate and prevent crime. It cost me tens of thousands of dollars every year to try to prevent theft. It becomes worse every year. How do I protect my employees form knife-point threats, shoplifting, and gram and runs? Just last month, I had a jackass ripping open anti-theft cases to steal CDs. He cut his hand and bled all over my store on James Island. We had to buy rubber gloves and clean up his mess. How long are my employees going to stay under these conditions?

Out of the hundreds of theft incidents I have had in Charleston and the hundreds of thousands of dollars I have paid in taxes since 1995, I do not recall one single theft where the police caught and prosecuted a perpetrator. We have never received one cent in retribution.

If you could tell me what your well conceived, thought out, practical plan is, I would be overjoyed to implement it. Please don’t regurgitate the far left party line: more dialogue, more education, more money spent, forgiveness, and tell them Santa is for real. I’m all ears.

Have you ever owned a business, especially a retail business? I doubt it.

I would be happy to submit my blood type, DNA, phone number, Social Security number, driver’s license number, etc to any government agency, if it will help reduce crime and get the perps off the streets. I have nothing to hide. You must!

Bruce Carlock

Cat’s and Monster Music

Deep in the Ditch

I’ve read and reread Michael Graham’s article (“The Most Civil of Wars,” Views, Feb. 21), trying to make sense of it. I’ve got to stop wasting my time like this. According to him, in 1776, the American revolutionaries were the “good guys,” while the British imperialists were the “bad guys.” Now, in 2007, he defines our occupying forces in Iraq as the “good guys” and the Iraqi insurgents trying to drive us out of their homeland as the “bad guys.” This is the kind of logical fallacy that drives all wars.

Michael, take your blinders off. We are on the wrong side in this fight, and if history is any guide, we are not destined to prevail. Since we invaded Iraq without just cause (not to mention the sins of Abu Ghraib, Haditha, etc.), we are not on moral high ground. On the contrary, our Humvee is deep in the ditch. Keeping the motor running (with an endless influx of soldiers and cash) will not solve the problem.

Carol Jules

James Island

Time to Wake Up

How can Michael Graham see an analogy between what happened in this country among the colonists and with the British and what is going on presently in Iraq? The hatred the Sunni have for the Shia and vice versa (although not universal among these groups) has been present for hundreds of years. How long had the problems among the colonists been present? Far short of hundreds of years, obviously. Does Michael Graham think that 20,000 troops and 1-2 years of sacrificing young servicemen and women will fix this problem? Terrorists will still be around long after Michael Graham, his children, his great grandchildren, etc, have long since passed away. Terrorists have been around since the beginning of recorded time. The U.S. finally sat up and took notice on 9/11. Time to wake up, America and Michael Graham.

David McCarron

James Island

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