Force of Nature

Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art

Downtown. 54 St. Philip St. 953-5680

Although autumn’s leaves still blanket many a Charleston yard in late winter, the creations of 10 Japanese artists for the Force of Nature exhibit, co-curated by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art and Davidson College, have long since been swept away. The 2,500 pounds of salt from Motoi Yamamoto’s “Labyrinth” in the Addlestone Library were gathered and returned to the ocean. Before the exhibit even opened, fire ate holes (deliberately) into Junko Ishiro’s paintings of Lowcountry marshes. From prints created from dust to a sphere that captured the experience of being inside a cloud, Force of Nature reminded us of the impermanence of nature and art, and even of our own transient nature.

Beginning in April, the transportable and salvagable pieces will be on view at the Sumter County Gallery of Art in Sumter, S.C. A pictorial book is in the works, and with many of the artists returning from Japan for the Sumter exhibition, you might even get meticulous paper cutter Noriko Ambe to put some of her signature holes in your copy.

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