“A” Star Limo

N. Charleston. 1934 Summerville Lane. 745-6279

You want to go out on the town in style? Maybe bring a few (or 25) friends along for the ride? It doesn’t get more bling than “A” Star Limo, with their fleet of black, silver, and white vehicles creatively named after celebrities and historical figures. Here’s a select few of the 23 “stars” in the “A” Star fleet:

* “Sir Lancelot” – A silver and black 1955 Rolls Royce stretch complete with woodgrain interior and those signature six headlights. “Sir Lancelot” may not have a champagne bar or a hot tub, but what it lacks in new-school amenities, it makes up for in old-school class.

* “Arnold Schwarzenegger” – A white 1997 Hummer with black interior, mirrored ceilings, a 15-18 passenger capacity, a full bar, and a TV, VCR, and CD player. The Governator himself probably travels in less style.

* “Marlon Brando” – A white 2000 stretch Lincoln that The Godfather himself couldn’t refuse, with a full bar, TV, VCR, CD player, privacy partition, mirrored ceiling, and a little something called “mood lighting.” The Brando will have you screaming “Stella!” all the way down the Battery.

* “Elvis Presley” – This hunka-hunka burnin’ metal is a 15-person capacity 2004 Hummer 2 sporting a full bar, TV, DVD, CD player, lava lamps/mood lighting, a mirrored ceiling, and not one, but TWO privacy areas — one of which is a “couple’s.” Maybe they mean a “couple” of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? —Sara Miller

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