Blind Tiger Pub

Downtown. 38 Broad St. 577-0088

Back in the 1920s, when the 18th Amendment was making it difficult for ugly people to get laid, a man who knew a guy could walk into a hidden, undisclosed location and ask to see the Blind Tiger. The door to booze and maybe a few loose women would open before the lucky patron’s eyes. Proving that history repeats itself, this Broad Street bar is living up to its speakeasy namesake.

“We’ve been picking them up here since prohibition,” co-owner Shonn Tapley says. “Depending on what you’re looking for, we have one of all of them.” During happy hour, his bar is a lawyer gallery sprinkled with judges and other white-collared professionals. At night, it’s whatever. Park the Harley-Davidson or [insert expensive car here] and belly up. Nightly live music, the girl-to-guy ratio, and a full bar is the recipe for quick love in this wooden, rose-color-lit bar. If the stuffed boar hanging on the wall suggestively lapping his tongue isn’t enough to put you in the mood, ask bar manager Alley Ejlali to make you an LPR. It’s a shot of liquid courage. Gulp.

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