Chuck E. Cheese

West Ashley. 1610 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. 763-0663

N. Charleston. 7258 Rivers Ave. 824-9761

This is definitely the only restaurant around where a “kid can [truly] be a kid.” Chuck E. Cheese is one of those places that requires advanced toddler distraction techniques when driving past to deflect a full-on tantrum from kids anxious to get their fix of blinking lights, Skee-Ball, and wak-a-mole. (My 3-year-old daughter has never even been to Chuck E. Cheese, yet she squeals “Chuck E. Cheese!!!” every time we drive by.) While our readers say this is the best restaurant for children, we beg the question: best restaurant to do what? Run amok? This is generally not the kind of place you hit for a quick and easy weeknight dinner, if you know what we’re saying. Perhaps the singing animatronic creatures are simply a diversion tactic employed by Chuck, who hopes you won’t notice that the pizza’s not all that great — unless you’re a kid, of course, because nothing makes food taste better than a dancing, singing rodent.

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