City Hall

Downtown. 80 Broad St. 724-3727

Considering that mere weeks ago the City Paper did a rundown of the major changes involved in the more than $10 million restoration of City Hall, it’s hard to come up with more to say. So we thought we’d focus on something that City Council members and a few anxious staff can’t stop talking about: the new bathrooms.

The story goes that the old bathroom was extremely small and not a very pleasant experience. While it wasn’t great, at least it was a public restroom, something that’s hard to find in that area of Broad Street. Now that the building is slowly preparing for its grand reopening (some offices have already returned to the building, but City Council likely won’t be back until later this spring), the bathrooms remain all the buzz.

The City Paper got an advance peek, and here’s what you’re looking at. While the rest of the building is dolled up with the restorative look, the bathrooms can only be termed sleek swank. You’re first greeted with an illuminated sign letting you know the room’s intended gender. Once inside, the men’s room, at least, is adorned with onyx and steel counter tops and stalls. The classical arches that pepper the ground floor of the building are evident and give the room pizazz, while modern lighting and accoutrements (including a hand blow dryer and a changing station) let you know you’re in a 21st-century tinkle room.

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