Name-Calling Helps Nobody

I hope I am not the first to express my outrage at the characterization of “Blacks downtown” as an “apathetic lot. Like bumps on a log, they tend to sit undisturbed by anything short of an act of God (Barney Blakeney’s “Choice or Segregation?” April 18).

I’m white. I live in Mt. Pleasant and I send my children to private school. I can only imagine how I might be characterized by the generalizations common to my circumstances.

I do know, however, that stereotypes tell only part of the story and are historical furthermore. Name-calling will not help anyone solve the problems that exist, nor help to shape the future. It’s a wedge in the path of attempted progress. A useless editorialization.

How can anyone, black or white, be expected to view a situation objectively in the face of such lampoonery?

The problem of equal and high quality education for all Charleston County students poses a formidable challenge, demanding perseverance, tolerance, creativity, and change of all community members. Won’t the City Paper be an assistant in this process?

Jill Braddock

Mt. Pleasant

Everybody Together Now

In response to Barney Blakeney’s column (“So Long, Maria,” April 25), I have one word for him: Motivation. You can throw all the money in the budget at these low-achieving, predominantly-black schools in Charleston County and you still won’t have the results you think are due unless the parents, students, teachers, and surrounding communities are collectively motivated to make changes. Perhaps Mr. Blakeney himself can take a step in that direction and find some way to motivate instead of generating a blanket (tired, old) criticism.

C Young


Flag Flap

D. A. Smith’s column on “the flag” has touched just about every sore spot I have about the public treatment of the Confederate battle blag. Whether you call it the Confederate battle flag, the rebel flag or the “Southern Cross,” one thing it isn’t is the Stars and Bars. The Stars and Bars is the first Confederate National Flag. It has three horizontal stripes, red, white and red, and a blue ensign with seven white stars, one for each of the seceded states. If you people in the press could get that one thing right, half of my problem with you would be done. Then I could concentrate on the other idiotic things you say.

Gloria B. Jenkins

James Island

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