Well, it’s bad news here on the columnist front. I’ve just heard from my Weekly Geekly columnist Holly Burns — she of the red unmistakably toffee hair, British accent, and peripatetic lifestyle (she recently moved from Charleston to San Francisco via Southeast Asia, if you didn’t know this already by following her insanely popular expat blog Nothing But Bonfires). Holly, you might recall, is my second WG columnist. She took over the Geekly four months ago, when she heard my awful wail of columnist-less frustration as far away as Singapore, where she was living large on the family dole with her boyfriend Sean in between jobs. She graciously stepped into said position and performed admirably, even spectacularly, as a regular commentator on the ephimera and curiosities of online culture circa 2007.

And now she’s bailing on me. And I need a new columnist pronto.

To be fair, Holly’s once again employed full-time (with Travelocity.com, for the few, benighted souls among you who do not follow her blog), and between work, doting over her boyfriend, and recapping the infinite minutiae of The Bachelor each week, she’s pretty busy. So I can understand.

I even saw it coming. A few weeks ago, when she sent me her column, she included a short note that said she felt like she was running out of ideas for the column. Pardon my textese, but WTF? The Internet. Web 2.0. Elevendy-seven billion websites and blogs starting up daily. And she was running out of ideas? When I read that, I thought to myself, “Self, that’s like a girl walking into the Annual Doctors Who Are Also Models With Great Senses of Humor Convention and saying she doesn’t see anyone she’s interested in. That girl is either 1) dating someone else full-time or 2) gay.”

(Disclaimer: Holly, to be best of my knowledge and hers, is not gay.)

The upshot: I’m looking for a new Weekly Geekly columnist. Bloggers who regularly write about their own online adventures would seem a likely potential talent pool. Shoot me a note, if you think you got what it takes, and I’ll hit you back with the boilerplate (left over from the last time I was in this spot).

Insert wail of frustration here.

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