Fire Fighters Heroes

I was a volunteer firefighter out west for many years. It doesn’t make sense to most people to go into a burning building, but firemen are not most people. It takes a different perspective to put saving someone else before yourself. I don’t know the details of this fire, but I do know firemen and they were probably doing what they loved the most: fighting fire. This is a tragic loss for your city and we’ll be praying for you and the firefighters’ family.

Dave Koelzer

Annapolis, Md.

All About Me

I hate to break it to either liberals or conservatives on this (Michael Graham’s “All Talk, No Clue,” June 6), but we live in a ‘me first’ society. Period. Sad, but true. Yeah, today’s leaders are corrupt. We can always hope for tomorrow, but if tomorrow’s leaders are a reflection of our society and its absence of values (a mixture of faith and rational thought), what promise does this bring? Hm. Not looking good.

Average Joe


Graham Gets Rational

Only weeks after I write the paper a scathing letter about you, Mr. Graham, you deliver this well-argued, rational point of view (Graham’s “Fat, Drunk, and Stupid,” June 13). You should use your logic about government restrictions of adult behavior to inform your opinion of abortion law. I like your idea of a beer license for 18 year olds, though that will increase distribution to other minors. We should just legalize it for 18 year olds and raise the driving age to 18 (following an intensive year long course like Germans are required to do). I think this would lead to less irresponsible behavior overall.


Mt. Pleasant

Pretty Perspective

Seriously, why would a 19-year-old man need to drink? Nineteen-year-old girls just aren’t that ugly.


North Charleston

Speak Out, Speak Often

When you pray, you have to move your feet and that’s the dilemma — the city has to energize the community to chip in (Barney Blakely’s “Say a Prayer,” June 13). They do not promote or boost communities to be involved. They simply cop out and think the legislature will wave a wand. They simply (practice) silence and neglect. The words you speak and that I have spoken for over a year and a half and longer … I think they think I’m on the soapbox. I’m obviously not, so don’t leave me hanging Charleston. Speak out against ’em with me.



UEP Letter Sad, But True

United Egg Producer’s (UEP) letter to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (“Still Squawking,” June 13) was filled with antagonistic comments and inaccurate information, but it did make one important point: Mepkin Abbey is “upholding practices common to the factory-farm egg industry.” These practices include cutting off hens’ beaks, cramming as many as four birds in a tiny cage, and leaving injured birds to die in agony.

Caring people oppose these cruel practices. Compassion isn’t limited to the so-called “radical animal left,” as UEP implies. A Gallup poll showed that 96 percent of Americans believe that animals should be protected from cruelty. All decent people, including conservatives George Will, Pat Buchanan, Fred Barnes, Rich Lowry, Tony Blankley, and Matthew Scully, are horrified by the cruel way in which animals are treated in factory farms. If Mepkin Abbey truly cared about animals, it would stop its inhumane factory egg farm practices.

Heather Moore

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Norfolk, Va.

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