In this week’s big 10th birthday issue, we highlighted our favorite newsmakers over the years. A highlight on the list was former state lawmaker John Graham Altman III. After reading the story, Altman was nice enough to send us a letter congratulating us on our first 10 years. At least, we think it was congratulations. We’ll let you decide.

Your commemorative tenth anniversary issue was well done but it all too modestly glossed over the hours, days, weeks, months, and years of really hard work you folks obviously put in. You have a right to be proud and celebrate. Hard work deserves recognition.

Your first 10 years existence covered the final 10 years of my 30 consecutive years of elected public service to Charleston County and South Carolina. I couldn’t have done it without ou and I crave your continued support.

I read your paper every week and enjoy your steadfast journalistic motto: “This story/column is just too good to fact check.”

Congratulations on your “First Ten” — let’s shoot for another “Ten.” I’ll try to give you some more “ammo,” and thanks for the “Five Most Wanted” Award (but shouldn’t Altman come before Campbell?).

Cordially, John Graham Altman

For the record, I called to make sure the letter came from JGA, motto be damned.

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