If you’re like most of America, you’ve been watching a lot of TV this week. The week’s been full of season and series premieres, and I for one am feeling the pressure, wondering how I can fit all this TV into my life while still having a life. I suppose that’s the beauty of premiere week, and hopefully it’ll fade. So far I’ve restricted myself to just a few shows.

[image-1]Private Practice — For the first season or so I was a huge Grey’s fan, but Meredith just got too irritating for me (Seriously?). Unlike all the girls I watched the show with, I liked Addison from the start. Maybe I was rooting for her because I hated Meredith so much… but how can you go wrong with a strong, smart, beautiful woman? That’s a lot more than you can say for pouty, ridiculous Meredith Grey. The premiere was a little slow at times as it worked to establish the various characters, but I think it’s something I might enjoy as it gets going… maybe. I didn’t have any strong reactions, one way or the other, to any of the characters. All of the men are really good-looking (especially Taye Diggs), the man whore was amusing and likeable (surprisingly), and I like Violet the psychiatrist (though I quickly got bored with the crazy lady crawling on the floor — couldn’t they come up with anything more exciting for her to deal with in the premiere episode?). Also, the whole thing with the girl having the baby was pretty anti-climactic. Let’s hope it gets better.

Ugly Betty — I love this show in all its ridiculousness. It’s like a soap opera you don’t feel guilty watching because it’s funny, adorable, and non-trashy. But it’s an acquired taste. The premiere finds Betty swamped as her dad’s still in Mexico, her sister won’t come out of the bedroom, Daniel’s still in the hospital and addicted to pain pills, and evil Wilhemina is still trying to take over the world. Amanda turns to chocolate to deal with the fact that Faye Summers is her real mother (where the hell did they get that awful fat suit, btw?) and Betty’s trying hard to get over Henry (just get together, already). There wasn’t a lot of action, but I guess that’s to be expected of the first episode, as we’re just getting our bearings again. I can’t wait for Wilhemina’s downfall though, and the last scene with Hilda in the dark mourning Santos — I wept for a long time. Or at least until The Office came on.

[image-2]The Office — Besides Scrubs, this is the only show that makes me laugh out loud throughout the entire episode. And the season premiere did not disappoint. Michael of course didn’t get the job in New York, Jan is a out of a job and living off of Michael’s money, Karen is gone, and Ryan the former intern is a big shot in New York. The episode begins with Michael hitting the red head slutty alchie in his car, making him believe that the office is cursed. He organizes a Fun Run to find a cure for rabies. Dwight kills Angela’s cat Sprinkles. Pam sees Michael’s junk. And Pam and Jim are finally together! No disappointments here— it was one of the funniest, most satisfying episode I’ve seen. Best line: “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”

Grey’s Anatomy — Yes, despite my disdain for this show’s main character, I watched the season premiere. I already don’t like Lexi Grey, Meredith’s sister who just showed up. She seems similarly annoyingly neurotic. George is repeating his internship (poor Georgie!) and about to leave his wife Callie for Izzy (seriously?), who spends her entire day saving a deer that’s been hit by a car. I’m an animal lover, but honestly, why would any doctor devote their entire day to operating on a deer? And then at the last, Meredith and McDreamy break up, then have sex, so we have many more episodes of their bipolar relationship to look forward to. Except I won’t be watching them.

One more show sure to turn me into a lazyass couch potato: The Sarah Silverman Program, which starts Wednesday! I can’t believe the stuff that comes out of that girl’s mouth, and I love it. Some maybes include Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies. And is Scrubs coming back?

What are you watching?

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