After reading over the P&C report this morning on the gunfight at the El Cheapo corral between Omar Brown and Antonio Jerome Rivers, I was reminded of an earlier report that came out of a paper in a galaxy far, far away. (If you want a different take on the Brown press conference, take a look at Greg Hambrick’s post at the Press Time blog.)

Han says Greedo fired first

By Darth Slade

The Post and Corellian

Friday, October 5, 2007

Corellian pilot Han Solo said he wasn’t looking for trouble at the Mos Eisley Cantina, just a Pepsi and two snack cakes.

Solo’s low-key campaign for mayor of Corellia gained wide exposure this week after he was involved in a blaster fight Monday outside the Tatooine convenience store. He held a news conference Thursday and reiterated that he acted in self-defense.

Solo, 38, and Greedo, 22, both were wounded in the shootout.

Imperial Stormtroopers have said they consider Solo the victim. Greedo is in jail and has been unavailable for comment, though Greedo’s lawyer said Solo shot Greedo nine times for no apparent reason.

On Thursday, Solo said Greedo fired the first shot.

” ‘Don’t do that,’ is what I uttered to him,” Solo said. “Unfortunately, shots began to ring out.”

An imperial stormtrooper report that cites two witnesses and a surveillance tape said Solo jumped out of his landspeeder and opened fire as Greedo approached him, holding a blaster behind his back.

Stormtroopers say at least 12 shots were fired by the two men.

Greedo got a blaster out of his landspeeder, according to the imperial trooper report, after Solo bumped into him at the convenience store counter while retrieving a drink he had paid for.

“I think it’s very clear that his intent was for me to die,” said Solo, who denies provoking Greedo.

Greedo was wanted at the time on a imperial trooper warrant related to a landspeeder chase and on a warrant from the Department of Probation, Parole and Sith Services for failing to report to his probation officer from a 2006 conviction for unlawfully carrying a blaster and possessing a protocol droid.

Solo was just ab0ut to depart on a smuggling run and said he was unaware that Greedo was a wanted man.

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