Looks like Charleston Stage has scored big-time. The theater company just sent a press release announcing Stephen Colbert, comedian and home-town boy, will appear during a fund-raiser on Dec. 23.

It’s being called “Stephen Colbert’s Holiday Apparition: I Am Charleston (And So Can You),” a paraphrase of Colbert’s bestselling, I Am America (And So Can You), currently atop the New York Times book list. Quoth Colbert in the release:

“I am thrilled to be able to help Julian Wiles [founder of Charleston Stage] this Christmas season. I would have done it years ago if Julian had just cast me in Babes in Toyland in 1981. It has taken me this long to forgive him.”

Here are the details:

What: Stephen Colbert’s Holiday Apparition

When: ONE NIGHT ONLY! December 23 at 7pm

Where: Sottile Theatre – 44 George St., Charleston, SC

Why: Benefit for Charleston Stage and Its Extensive Arts Education Initiatives

Here’s the best part:

About Stephen Colbert

In real life Stephen Colbert is really Ms. Evelyn McGee. Ms. McGee, an actress herself, starred as the Rascally Rabbit in the World Premiere of CaroliniAntics! in 1978, which was a part of Charleston Stage’s inaugural season. Ms. MsGee actually grew up at 131 Church Street, in downtown Charleston, right next door to the Dock Street Theatre, Charleston Stage’s home. It was in the Dock Street lobby that Ms. McGee met Mr. Colbert for the first time. The rest is history.”

For more, see Charleston Stage or call (843) 856-5316.

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