Sweet 185 Sugaring Studio

185 St. Phillip St. Downtown.

(843) 329-3500


Sugar Mama Danielle Correia rolls off unwanted hair the natural way at her Sweet 185 sugaring studio, without all that sticky residue. Spreading a golden ball of just sugar, lemon, and water over areas of unwanted hair, the magic paste picks up hair without the painful yanking of a wax job. Void of the resin and chemicals in wax, sugaring is perfect for those with sensitive skin, eczema, sclerosis, or for the run-of-the-mill hairless addict. (Men, that includes you!) The honeyed paste gently exfoliates the skin while removing even the thickest of hair. There’s still a bit of squealing and squirming, but it’s hands down the sweetest way to enjoy a Brazilian. No sticky mess, and no tangled panties.

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