The living dead aren’t exactly known for their fashion sense. They couldn’t care less if they were wearing Zac Posen or Baby Phat. For them, it’s all rags, all the time. Bor-ring. We need to round up all the zombies and send them to the folks at What Not to Wear. Those guys can do wonders for folks who routinely commit crimes against fashion. Judging by this year’s Readers’ Picks, you’re not that kind of person. Heck, you know exactly where to shop in this town. And your good sense isn’t limited to clothes either. Musical instruments, gourmet groceries, hardware, comic books, and a lot more.

Best Mall/Shopping Area

Mt. Pleasant Towne Centre

1600 Palmetto Grande Drive.

Mt. Pleasant

Though it’s actually quite far from the center of town(e), this outdoor mall is right in the center of your hearts.

Best Shopping District

King Street

From the pricey shops and vintage mom ‘n’ pops of the Design District on Upper King to the funky boutiques and popular chains lower down, King’s got you covered.

Best Department Store


2046 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. West Ashley.

(843) 571-5420

1200 Belk Drive. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 884-2841

2222 Northwoods Blvd. North Charleston.

(843) 797-2600

No surprises here: With locations surrounding the peninsula, Belk (or Belk’s, as we Southerners like to call it) is the go-to department store for the seventh year in a row.

Best Window Display

Saks Fifth Avenue

211 King St. Downtown.

(843) 853-9888

From designer jeans and make-up to Juicy sweats, Saks displays eye candy for any shopper’s sweet tooth.

Best Women’s Clothing Store

Copper Penny

311 King St. Downtown.

(843) 723-2999

280 W. Coleman Blvd. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 881-3449

1228 Belk Drive. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 881-9889

Prices in this boutique may send some penny pinchers running, but for many Charleston shoppers, cost don’t mean a thing when it comes to fashion.

Best Men’s Clothing Store

M. Dumas & Sons

294 King St. Downtown.

(843) 723-8600

You shop here to fulfill all your palmetto flag, Croakie, yacht club, and upscale southern fashion needs.

Best Children’s Clothing Store

Southern Belles

280 W. Coleman Blvd. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 881-1741

Though we can’t see this shop without thinking of one of the city’s more notorious strip clubs, there’s no doubt it has some of the most adorable kids’ clothes in town — fun to browse whether you’ve got rugrats or not.

Best Baby Store

Babies “R” Us

5900 Rivers Ave. North Charleston.

(843) 566-9092

This mega baby store has everything you’ll need for your little bundles of joy.

Best Boutique

Hampden Clothing

357 King St. Downtown.

(843) 724-6373

Featured in magazines like Glamour and Elle, Hampden Clothing gives girls one more reason to spend a Saturday shopping downtown. And the dressing rooms are the best in town.

Best Local Clothing Designer


324 King St. Downtown.

(843) 805-7193

231 King St. Downtown.

(843) 723-5885

LulaKate’s fun floral prints and bright, innovative designs are so popular they’ve expanded into a second location.

Best Accessories Store


333 King St. Downtown.

(843) 723-7208

Silvery jewelry and monogram specialties to suit everyone from your best friend to your grandma.

Best Local Purse Designer

Mary Norton

318 King St. Downtown.

(843) 534-2233

Mary Norton has become a household name for fashionistas from the big screen to the red carpet. And all over Chuck.

Best Jewelry Store

Croghan’s Jewel Box

308 King St. Downtown.

(843) 723-3594

With giant diamonds, silver platters, and crystal vases in the windows, this King Street institution attracts passing shoppers like bees to honey.

Best Local Jewelry Designer

Felice Killian, Felice Designs

424 King St. Downtown.

(843) 853-3354

Felice Killian’s King Street shop is filled with colorful, hand-blown glass beads in all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Best Shoe Store

Bob Ellis

332 King St. Downtown.

(843) 722-2515

Your favorite place to find Manolos, Jimmy Choos, and Stuart Weitzmans. And their sales are the bomb.

Best Vintage Clothing Store

Exchange Factor

5128 Rivers Ave. North Charleston.

(843) 747-9625

283 Meeting St. Downtown.

(843) 965-5559

You’ll score some sweet vintage finds at the Exchange Factor, one of the few funky shops we have left in this town.

Best Thrift Store


Various locations throughout the Lowcountry

Bargain shoppers in Charleston know where to go for dirt-cheap deals. Once the area’s wealthy get tired of last season’s wardrobe or living room set, you’ll be there to snatch it right up.

Best Eyewear Boutique

Jackson Davenport Vision Center

379 King St. Downtown.

(843) 722-4416

612 Bacons Bridge Road. Summerville. (843) 871-9750

So good even Benjamin Franklin loves this eyewear paradise.

Best Antique Store

Page’s Thieves Market

1460 Ben Sawyer Blvd. Mt. Pleasant. (843) 884-9672

Linda Page’s big barn of treasures remains the best place to shop for antiques, junk, and secondhand stuff too.

Best Furniture Store

GDC Home

695 Coleman Blvd. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 849-0711

420 Freshfield Drive. Kiawah Island.

(843) 768-4246

1290 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. West Ashley. (843) 571-5142

A new space on Sam Rittenberg has made GDC an even better resource for home decorators.

Best Home Accessories Store

GDC Home

695 Coleman Blvd. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 849-0711

420 Freshfield Drive. Kiawah Island.

(843) 768-4246

1290 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. West Ashley. (843) 571-5142

GDC specializes in designer home accessories like Vietri tabletop goods, Julieska china, Jamie Young lamps, Chelsea Textiles, and Ankasa pillows.

Best Garden Store/Nursery


870 Folly Road. James Island.

(843) 795-4570

Whether you’re starting an herb garden or just looking for some colorful flowers, Hyam’s has everything gardeners need to feed their green thumbs — herbs, flowers, plants, bulbs, mulch, and a knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Best Landscaper

Yard Art

3261 Heathland Way. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 224-8224

We think the yard artists say it best: Let your lawn be their canvas.

Best Pet Store


22 Windermere Blvd. West Ashley.

(843) 852-5811

885 Houston Northcutt Blvd. Mt. Pleasant. (843) 971-8650

114 East Richardson Ave. Summerville. (843) 851-8173

Remember the great pet food scare of 2007? If you had been shopping here you would’ve had no reason to worry. Holistic kibble, funny toys, and a self-serve dog wash.

Best Pet Groomer


676 Long Point Road. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 884-1419

470 Azalea Square Blvd. Summerville. (843) 821-7043

When Fluffy needs some fluffing, there’s no better place than PetSmart.

Best Doggie Daycare

Dog Daze

307 Mill St. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 884-7387

These people love your dog as much as you do. Specializing in cageless doggie daycare, non-violent training, and veterinary care, you’ll have no qualms leaving your pup with the Dog Daze folks.

Best Art Supply Store

Artist and Craftsman Supply

434 King St. Downtown.

(843) 579-0077

Two floors of quality supplies — canvases, acrylics, papers, pastels — brings out the artist in all of us.

Best Paint Store


Various locations

Cover the earth with color … or at least your living room.

Best Frame Shop

Havens Fine Framing

1070 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Mt. Pleasant. (843) 881-1543

This family-run shop, in business since 1968, is still the best framer in town.

Best Grocery Store


Various locations

For the first year, Publix beat out the Teet’! Our favorite is the brand new one in Mt. P on the way out to Sullivan’s.

Best Gourmet Grocery Store

Whole Foods Market

923 Houston Northcutt Blvd. Mt. Pleasant. (843) 971-7240

For food-lovers (and who isn’t?), browsing the aisles of Whole Foods can turn into a day-long affair, with exotic fruits, wines, artisanal cheeses, baked goods, candies, and more just waiting to be discovered.

Best Health Food Store

Whole Foods Market

923 Houston Northcutt Blvd. Mt. Pleasant. (843) 971-7240

Whole Food’s extensive selection of organic fruits and veggies, hard-to-find ingredients, fresh baked whole-wheat bread, and healthy snacks make it easy to eat well.

Best Corner Store

Burbage’s Self Serve Grocery

157 Broad St. Downtown.

(843) 723-4054

Mr. Burbage’s quaint corner store harkens back to the good old days. Stop by for homemade soups, sandwiches, and to grab some ingredients for dinner.

Best Wine Shop

Total Wine & More

1820 Ashley River Road. West Ashley. (843) 763-7034

Looking for wine paradise? Total Wine’s aisles of bottles should provide plenty of options to suit your sommelier fancy.

Best Liquor Store

Total Wine & More

1820 Ashley River Road. West Ashley. (843) 763-7034

When it comes to drinkin’, you like to have choices. You won’t have trouble finding something tasty in Total Wine’s extensive shelves.

Best Tobacco Shop

The Smoking Lamp

189 East Bay St. Downtown.

(843) 577-7339

A smoky little haven for Lowcountry tobacco enthusiasts, where you’ll find cloves, colored smokes, and big cigars. They’ll be moving to Upper King Street very soon.

Best Hardware Store

Royall ACE Hardware

883 Ben Sawyer Blvd. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 884-2551

These guys are your kings of the hammer and nail. The cute little barn facade not only keeps you supplied, but Johnny’s Hotdogs is a convenient lunch stop.

Best Internet Service Provider


Various locations

Since that whole Wi-Fi cloud idea has evaporated, looks like we’ll still need cable access for awhile.

Best Cell Phone Provider

Verizon Wireless

Various locations

Yes, we can hear you now.

Best Lighting Store

Charleston Lighting and Interiors

1640 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. West Ashley. (843) 766-3055

Let your light shine with hundreds of options at this bright spot.

Best Dry Cleaner

Smith Family Cleaners

336 Folly Road. James Island.

(843) 795-8857

640 Skylark Drive. West Ashley

(843) 763-6200

1015 Harbor View Road. James Island (843) 795-9002

The Smiths are your top pick for getting your garb so fresh and so clean.

Best Florist

Tiger Lily Florist

131 Spring St. Downtown.

(843) 723-2808

The go-to florist for event planners, hoteliers, brides, and apologetic gestures. No mums here.

Best Pawn Shop

Money Man Pawn

450 Meeting St. Downtown.

(843) 577-9111

824 Folly Road. James Island.

(843) 762-7999

2097 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley.

(843) 769-7296

5251 Dorchester Road. North Charleston. (843) 552-3236

After she leaves you at the altar, you bring that ring here to salvage your dignity and a few bucks. Bam!

Best Musical Instrument Store

Guitar Center

7620 Rivers Ave. North Charleston.

(843) 572-9063

A veritable superstore of instruments and gear, for serious players and those who quit playing a month later.

Best CD Store Staff

52.5 Records

561 King St. Downtown. (843) 722-3525

Clay Scales’ funky little shop on Upper King stands out for its unique selection, personable staff, and hipster happenings.

Best Place to Buy New CDs

Millennium Music

372 King St. Downtown. (843) 722-1000

Those of you who still buy those weird shiny little disks prefer to do it at Millennium — but they’ll also rip and burn your entire collection for you.

Best Place to Buy Used CDs

Millennium Music

372 King St. Downtown. (843) 722-1000

Used CD prices keep dropping, and Millennium’s got the best selection in town. So you might actually find something besides the Cranberries, Aqua, and the Spin Doctors.

Best Place to Rent Videos


Various locations

We had a lot of votes for Netflix this time around, but reigning champ Blockbuster is still holding on after all these years.

Best Bookstore

Barnes & Noble Booksellers

1812 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. West Ashley. (843) 556-6561

7620 Rivers Ave. North Charleston.

(843) 572-2322

1716 Towne Centre Way. Mt. Pleasant. (843) 216-9756

B&N wins again for your favorite place to grab a latte and browse for books and cool magazines.

Best Comic Book Store

Captain’s Comics & Toys

1209-D Sam Rittenberg Blvd. West Ashley. (843) 766-6611

Captain Lou beats out the late Atomic Comics for the first time since 2001. Ahoy. We love the neon Superman sign in the window.

Best Used Bookstore

Blue Bicycle Books

420 King St. Downtown. (843) 722-2666

Jonathan Sanchez took over Boomer’s and continues to specialize in rare, used, and local books, albeit with a swell new name.

Best Place to Buy a Used Car

Mama’s Used Cars

1940 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley.

(843) 556-6262

1020 N. Main St. Summerville.

(843) 821-8900

If you don’t find an affordable car here, at least you’ll get to see the next best attraction: the world’s biggest blow-up doll.

Best Place to Buy a New Car

Hendrick Automotive Group

With dealerships across the area specializing in Volvos, Saabs, Hondas, BMWs, Jeeps, and more, car buyers like it like that.

Best Car Wash

Cactus Car Wash

2080 Ashley Phosphate Road.

North Charleston.

(843) 824-6363

1522 Savannah Hwy. West Ashley.

(843) 571-7789

The next best thing to having hot girls in bikinis charge you five bucks a car.

Best Tire Store

Gerald’s Tires & Brakes

1 Magnolia Road. West Ashley.

(843) 566-1910

3900 Dorchester Road. North Charleston. (843) 747-4011

5646 Rivers Ave. North Charleston.

(843) 747-2433

4900 Rivers Ave. North Charleston.

(843) 744-3285

9680 Dorchester Road. North Charleston. (843) 851-7931

1635 Hwy. 17 N. Mt. Pleasant.

(843) 971-1547

The guys in the bright orange building do a great job on tires and breaks.

Best Place to Get Your Car Fixed

Gerald’s Tires & Brakes

See Above

It’s always a great day at Gerald’s.

Best Motorcycle Shop

Low Country Harley-Davidson

4707 Dorchester Road. North Charleston. (843) 554-1847

Low Country Harley is where you get what you need for your steel horse.

Best Cab Company

Charleston Black Cab Company

(843) 216-1206

The cool British-looking black cabs buzzing all over town no doubt add a dash of London flair to the Holy City’s charm — and it’s not too much more expensive than your boring ol’ yellow.

Best Limo Company

Star Limousine Service

1934 Discher St. North Charleston.

(843) 889-8400

Your favorite place to rent that sick stretch Hummer for prom.

Best Law Firm/Lawyer

Akim Anastopoulo

Anastopoulo & Clore LLC.

706 Orleans Road. West Ashley.

(843) 722-8070

Armed with his signature bat, Extreme Akim continues to rule the best lawyer category, along with day-time TV courtrooms.

Best Realty Company

Prudential Carolina Real Estate

4390 Belle Oaks Drive. Ste. 100.

North Charleston.

(843) 202-2000

When it’s time to graduate from rent to a mortgage, these veteran realtors dominate the Charleston market.

Best Insurance Agency

State Farm Insurance

Various locations

Like a good neighbor, State Farm stays the hell out of your business. Until you need them.

Best Bank


Various locations

With a branch on just about every corner, you’re pretty confident they’ll watch ova ya money.

Best Costume Shop/Party Store

Hokus Pokus Entertainment

1015 St. Andrews Blvd. West Ashley.

(843) 556-6607

When you play dress up, Pokus is your choice to score the fake blood, costume jewelry, and spirit gum.

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