True to their vision of environmentally friendly design and “holistic planning,” the new headquarters of WPC, Inc., in Noisette’s Navy Yard redevelopment in North Charleston is a green facility. The geotechnical engineering firm specializes in environmental and construction services. WPC’s new space, located in the recently restored post office on West 5th Street, now features earth-friendly designs like a green roof, geothermal HVAC, and a permeable parking surface to manage stormwater runoff. The parking lot is part of a broader storm water management system which allows rainwater to run down through the parking and walking surfaces, instead of collecting in stagnant puddles. As a result, contaminants such as motor oil are filtered out before the water is returned, pollution-free, to the surrounding eco-system. Recycled concrete was used wherever possible across the entire four-acre site, as well. Thanks to such sustainable innovations, WPC has applied to the United States Green Building Council for the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold designation. The WPC HQ is just one of four projects within the Noisette development which meet or exceed standards for LEED certification.

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