Relish Armstrong’s new restaurant

Chef Tim Armstrong, formerly of Maverick Southern Kitchens’ Old Village Post House, opened up his own restaurant in the heart of Summerville earlier in the month. Relish Downtown, located at 114 Short Central Ave., is touted as “an upscale bistro featuring contemporary cuisine while taking advantage of the best of South Carolina’s fresh, local ingredients.” Soups, salads, sides, and small plates range from $4-$9 — a great deal anywhere, an incredible deal coming from Chef Armstrong’s kitchen. On this lower price spectrum you’ll find a wedge salad with fried green tomato croutons, bacon, and buttermilk blue cheese ($6); a roasted baby beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts ($7); and a daily risotto ($8). Larger plates range between $16 and $23, and include selections like grilled swordfish with oyster mushroom, fava beans, shallots, and roasted grape chutney ($20); or pan roasted salmon with local clams, prosciutto, fingerling potatoes, and chive butter ($19). Lunch is Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Dinner is Tuesday-Thursday 5-9 p.m., Friday and Saturdays ’til 10 p.m. Sunday brunch is 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Call (843) 821-7151 for reservations. —Erica Jackson

Road to Recovery

Moe’s Crosstown veteran Chris Boston recently set out on his own, renovating an old private club just north of the Crosstown at 685 King St. Dubbing it The Recovery Room, he’ll specialize in a variety of breakfast fare all day long, serving mimosas and Bloody Marys alongside the normal beers and cocktails. “We’re Gene’s Haufbrau meets Big John’s Tavern, in a former private black club,” says Boston. Sounds like a recipe for an even bigger hangover the next day. —Stratton Lawrence


The D’Allesandro brothers’ pizza joint on St. Philip Street has quickly become a contender for the best pizza in town, and now they’re expanding their little empire to include a to-go ice cream and hot dog place on Coming Street. Brindle Brothers, named for the D’Allesandros’ tiger-striped dogs, specializes in beef, turkey, and sausage hot dogs named after neighborhood pups — for example, the Bianco has mayo, feta, and roasted red peppers. Dogs are $2, and toppings are a few cents extra. They also offer ice cream cones ($1), coffee ($1.50-$2 La Colombe from Philly), and muffins. They serve it all from a window right onto the sidewalk, great for anyone looking for a quick, convenient snack. They plan to expand their menu over time, and have a grand opening planned for around Spoleto. —Erica Jackson

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