Okay, I am now addicted to the delegate machine.

Putting in last night’s results, the New York Times says it looks even worse for Hillary this morning.

In short, Mrs. Clinton could not have asked for a better second chance to turn this campaign around and to make her central case to superdelegates: that Mr. Obama was a damaged general election candidate who would get swallowed up by the Republican Party.

Yet she was unable on Tuesday to build her base of support substantially beyond the white, working-class voters who had sustained her for the last month. That will not be lost on the superdelegates, the elected Democrats and party leaders who will ultimately decide this fight.

To sum it up with the delegate machine, Obama could lose ALL of the remaining six primaries by a 12-point spread (and he’s expected to win at least three of those six) and he would still only need 78 of the 277 remaining superdelegates.

That said, I can certainly understand if Hillary stays in until May 20. She’s got West Virginia and Kentucky next. But even big victories there will be met the morning after with the realities that chances only look worse. With every win, she’ll close the spread, but Obama will be getting closer to the clinching the nomination.

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