It started with a courtesy tug from a sweetheart I’ll call Katie Stern. Always impeccably dressed and reserved, Katie was the last person I would have expected to intervene. A few cosmos into Friday night at Torch for a Sex and the City movie premiere afterparty, I witnessed a fashion faux pas of the worst kind. And no, it wasn’t toilet paper stuck to the bottom of a pair of Jimmy Choos — it was a serious case of exposed ass. I was sitting in the glass side-lounge enjoying a cigarette (!) and talking to the Charleston mag girls about the movie premiere and fashion when I looked up in need of another drink. I saw a petite, blonde girl leaning over the bar, chatting with her fashionable, chatty girlfriends; she was dressed in a white miniskirt which looked like it was stuck in her panties, giving anyone who was looking a nearly uncensored look at her well-tanned buttocks. I giggled and instantly whipped out my camera. Snap! Thongs are one thing, but how could you not feel a skirt wedged between your crack? Too many visits to the bathroom to powder your nose, perhaps? That’s when Katie got up, walked over to the gal with the nearly bare bottom, and gave her a tug. But nothing happened. The wedgie did not come undone. We stared at Katie looking for answers. And then we realized that this was a carefully calculated outfit, one designed specifically to show off her ass, and a nice one at that. I was in awe until the girl sat those exposed buttocks down on a sticky bar stool.

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