Democrat Bob Conley stands for ending illegal immigration, protecting American workers, bringing our troops home from Iraq, increasing veterans’ benefits, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, ending Wall Street bailouts, repealing the Patriot Act, cutting spending, and fidelity to the Constitution. Conley, the Democrat, sounds more like Ron Paul, the Republican. As it turns out Conley voted for Paul in February.

When asked about his challenger Conley’s conservatism, Graham said, “From what I can tell, he doesn’t represent moderation. I represent a brand of conservatism that you will feel comfortable with.”

Quite frankly, Sen. Graham, your brand of conservatism sucks. It’s not even conservative. On crucial issues like immigration, Iraq, and spending, Graham stands for broken borders, botched invasions, and bloated budgets. Conley doesn’t.

As a matter of practical politics, Graham will have to blatantly lie heading into November, proclaiming himself the “true conservative” in a race where nothing could be more untrue. Even on social issues, the pro-life, anti-gay marriage Conley measures up fine against the incumbent senator.

But he’s still a Democrat, right? Given the track records of President George W. Bush and GOP senators like John McCain and Graham, the loyalty of conservatives to the Republican Party has produced more heartbreak than results. It might be time for conservatives to quit looking for love in all the wrong places.

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