They accidentally say reasonable things:

“I am opposed to raising taxes. I am opposed to raising taxes. Senator Obama wants to raise your taxes. He wants to raise your taxes,” Sen. John McCain told the group. “And in any negotiation that I might have, when I go in, my position will be that I am opposed to raising taxes. But we have to work together to save Social Security. This young man standing right in front of me — Social Security benefits won’t be there for him when he retires. Is this right for us, to lay on to the next generation of Americans the burden that we’ve imposed on them? No.”

You can almost here a little Barack Obama in those words, can’t ya. So, here’s the difference between John McCain and Barack Obama on Social Security: Obama has provided his plan for saving the system, obviously losing some voters by making it clear that taxes are going up for the nation’s rich. McCain will just play hard to get and let Congress do the heavy lifting in order to fix the problem. Sounds like both will actually do something — it’s just that one is actually honest about what he’ll do. The other is saying just enough to get him elected.

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