Writes Taki’s Magazine’s Kevin De Anna:

“The Two Minutes of Hate began in Ballston before the movie even began, when the previews of Oliver Stone’s W. hit the screen.  My brief speculation as to the political leanings of the crowd dissipated, as the Republican faithful screamed in rage at Stone’s biopic. “Judas,” “Traitor,” and the ultimate insult from any National Review conservative, “Fascist,” echoed through the theater.  At least in Arlington, VA, there are still some people who want to defend George W. Bush. 

From the opening song of “Sweet Home Alabama,” to Trace Adkins’s patriotic country concert, to scenes of American soldiers praying to Jesus before charging heroically into battle, An American Carol is a cinematic Sarah Palin—a cheap attempt to channel the justified resentments of patriotic Americans against treasonous leftists into supporting an agenda of social liberalism, politically correct history, and war for war’s sake. At no point is the American identity defined as anything other than unconditional support for the federal government, anyone in uniform, or any version of American history that doesn’t consist of fighting one evil fascist threat or another. 

As a movie though, it fell flat unless you saw this as an exercise in identity politics. A conservative can watch “The Colbert Report” and laugh, even when we are being scourged. A liberal can not find anything funny or redeeming about this movie, any more than a conservative can think Jon Stewart is anything other than a less funny Keith Olbermann. It is funny in the same way that a “Vote Democrat, it’s easier than thinking” bumper sticker is funny, which is to say that it has nothing to do with humor but indulging in satisfying scorn of The Other.

Near the end of the movie, Trace Adkins unconsciously echoes Sen. George Allen, pointing to country music-loving serviceman (instead of Macacas) and shouting triumphantly, “Welcome to the real America!” What’s left of that real America, if rallied behind the radicalism implicit in that battle cry, could blow apart the leftist hegemony and give the Mahrers, Moores, and O’Donnell’s something more to fear than George W. Bush. But Hollywood need not lose any sleep.  An American Carol and the reaction to it show that the neoconservative safety valve is firmly functioning. While conservatives may think the leftists are traitors, most of us won’t do anything about it except vote for McCain, salute the federal banner, and hope you will support the troops just like us. Carol’s audience is still serving as cannon fodder for the neoconservatives that mock the real nation and the history that used to define our country–and it’s loving every minute of it.”

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