In the closing minutes of a radio debate on WTMA 1250 between Republican incumbent Wallace Scarborough and Democrat Anne Peterson Hutto, the questions turned toward roads and both candidates brought up interviews we did a few weeks ago.

Just a small correction: Hutto claimed that Scarborough told us that there was nothing that could be done about the roads. He actually said there is little that can be done. Small distinction, but we wanted to clear that up.

The statement in our story also came with loads of qualifiers:

There’s little that can be done about traffic, Scarborough says, aside from efforts to replace failing bridges and improve dangerous intersections. Other road projects would either be cost prohibitive or largely unpopular, he says, but he welcomes alternatives.

Also, Scargorough pointed to the City Paper article for a comment that Anne had only lived here for four years. That was a mistake on our part (carelessness and too many candidates, too little time), and we have sense corrected the online version of the story to note she’s been around for 12 years. We also mentioned the correct years in a smaller piece on push polling in the district.

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