Part art exhibit, part live performance, and part see-and-be-seen party, the third installment of Kulture Klash transformed 10 Storehouse Row into a wonderland of artistic pursuits on Saturday night. A colorful crowd made it out to the old Navy Yard location despite falling temperatures and drizzling rain. While the Earth mobile skatepark was dampened and live glass blowers were forced to pack up shop, the weather-induced limitations ended there as patrons headed outside to observe graffiti artists at work and music by the likes of Rocky Horror and Lip Service. The event was a testament to the unexpected element of art, from Ben Timpson’s unique natural mediums to Jaffia Royes’ Hottentot inspirations, not to mention impromptu aerialist acrobatics in the main exhibition room. A wall of custom-designed skateboards suggested that any object is a canvas, while scores of breakdancers cemented the importance of the arts of motion. Social Wine Bar and the Magic Hat Brewing Co. kept the spirits flowing as Fuel and Sprout offered up eats to party-goers. KK3 was notably larger than its predecessors, and with continued support from area artists and sponsors, the semi-annual event will hopefully keep on growing. Bring on KK4!

Kulture Klash 3 from Charleston City Paper on Vimeo.

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