Andrea Warner’s Top 10 Albums of 2008

1. Fleet FoxesFleet Foxes (Sub Pop)

Fleet Foxes’ incredibly lush harmonies create a sound so full that it drowns out every inch of the outside world, immersing the listener in a complex yet calming infusion of ’70s sensibility and thoroughly modern pop-rock.

2. Black KidsPartie Traumatic (Columbia)

3. Jenny LewisAcid Tongue (Warner Bros.)

4. Death Cab for CutieNarrow Stairs (Atlantic)

5. Hot ChipMade In The Dark (DFA/Astralwerks)

6. Los Campesinos!Hold On Now Youngster… (Arts & Crafts)

7. Vampire WeekendVampire Weekend (XL Recordings)

8. DeVotchKa A Mad And Faithful Telling (Anti-)

9. Adele19 (XL)

10. Kathleen EdwardsAsking For Flowers (Zoe)

Andrea Warner is freelance writer and regular music contributor based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her short stories, film reviews, music features, and Canadian notions are available on her weblog, The Writerly Life.

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