This is really starting to suck. First, Rutledge Coffee and Cream announced that it’s closing, and now an email comes to us from Richard Campbell up in Park Circle. He’s shutting the doors of his quaint coffee shop and community hangout in the heart of N. Charleston’s revitalizing main street. From his email:

Subject: End of an Era

It is with great disappointment that I report Friday, January 30th, will be our last day of business at Park Circle Coffee N’ More. I am sure I speak for not only myself but our entire staff in saying how honored we are to have enjoyed the loyal support of our customers over the past four years. Many real friendships have been formed and community allegiances organized in support of the Park Circle Community. Additionally, it was with great pride that we were able to be a part of such a unique neighborhood that will certainly continue to thrive.

While at this time the future seems uncertain, please know that my dedication to our community remains unchanged.

– Richard Campbell

1078 E Montague Ave

North Charleston, SC 29405


Bummer. I suddenly feel the need to head over to Kudu for some coffee and lunch or something. Care to join me?

In related news, Lowcountry Local First is holding an emergency meeting of local business owners tonight — and is at capacity. They’ve moved to a bigger location and have already maxed out the new capacity. Not sure what they’ll be able to do to staunch the bleeding, but at least they can communally grieve.

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