This year’s Piccolo Spoleto presents an impressively solid variety of jazz, blues, and soul acts in late May and early June. Special events include various gigs at A Dough Re Mi Pizzeria in Mt. Pleasant, the Blues on the Dock series at Bowen’s Island Restaurant, the Early Bird Blues Series at Mad River Bar & Grille, John Street Jazz (with Ann Caldwell) at Gallery Chuma, and the Piccolo Jazz Harbor Cruise (on the Spirit of Charleston).

The popular Upstairs at Mistral at the Market Street venue (presented by the Jazz Artists of Charleston) looks like a mighty impressive mix of local and returning talent: 0fc4/1239222081-graduallean_tonybell__resized.jpg

May 22 – The Rudy Waltz
May 23 – Hedgepeth & Holstein Duo
May 24 – Leah Suárez
May 25 – Caravan
May 26 – Gradual Lean (pictured)
May 28 – The Charleston All-Stars
May 29 – The Pulse Trio
May 30 – Elise Testone
June 1 – The Duda Lucena Quartet
June 3 – Tommy Gill Trio
June 4 – Scandal in Bohemia
June 5 – Tenor Madness

See and for more.

(photo by Tony Bell)

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