Chamber Music Charleston has announced its 2009-2010 season. It features 35 performances in venues throughout Charleston, including its signature Holy City Series Concerts and intimate House Concerts.

In addition, the nonprofit organization has added two new series for the upcoming season: The Gallery Concert Series and a Classical Kids Series.

The Gallery Concert Series offers classical chamber music in three of the Lowcountry’s best-known art galleries: the Wells Gallery (Nov.15), Martin Gallery (Feb. 21), and the City Gallery at Waterfront Park (April 11, 2010).

The Classical Kids Series is a chance to enjoy the creation of children’s stories through music: The Velveteen Rabbit (Oct. 17), The Night Before Christmas (Dec. 23), Mercedes and The Chocolate Pilot (Feb. 6), and Peter and the Wolf (April 24).

Tickets go on sale April 11. See www.chambermusiccharleston.org for more information. —Candice Summers

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