The highly-anticipated Vogue documentary The September Issue debuts at Cinebarre and the Terrace Theater Friday night. The film, which follows the “the devil in Prada” editor Anna Wintour preparing for the magazine’s gargantuan September issue, is a must-see for fashion lovers.

In celebration of the film, Cinebarre and Stella Nova are throwing a “Girls’ Night Out,” which will feature hair and makeup stylists to make sure attendees look their most glamorous before watching the movie. They’ll also be giving away free Stella Nova blowouts and makeup sessions and raffling off a copy of the September issue of Vogue signed by the magazine’s stylist. The primping starts at 6:30 p.m., so be one of the first 10 people there and receive a free copy of this month’s Vogue.

The Terrace Theater on James Island is also hosting a Champagne Premiere Party, which will feature a fashion show from Charleston stores Eden Boheme, Hampden Clothing, Beba Luxe, II Brunettes, and House of Sage. Guests will sip free champagne and the first few guests are eligible for VIP seating and tickets to Charleston Fashion Week. Charleston magazine style editor Ayoka Lucas will host the event and come dressed to the nines and you could be featured on the Charleston Street Style Video Blog. The first party before the 7:30 movie will start at 6:45 p.m., while the second party is at 8:30 before the 9:20 show.

Check out the film’s trailer: 

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