Things are boiling and bubbling at a fantastic pace at COAST Brewing Co. these days. Brewers David Merritt and Jaime Tenney recently released an intensely hoppy Double IPA (No. 2), and they already have a Rye Knot Brown chocolate brown ale and a smoked porter (made with cheery wood-smoked malt) on the horizon.

The big news this week isn’t from COAST’s big brewing room, though: the microbrewery recently announced plans to close its small homebrew shop on the side. For the last few years, COAST maintained a cozy shop in a corner of its supply area, with shelves of malt extract, grain malt, adjuncts, hop pellets, glass carboys, starter kits, brushes, and supplies. They’ve been the only retail source of homebrewing supplies in the Charleston area.

“Sorry to say, the homebrew shop will be closing with the last day being Sat. Oct. 10,” Tenney says. “Between huge profit loss, due to having to toss old product, and lack of time to put into the shop, we feel we have no choice. Malt and yeast were the big ones — yeast especially. I recently ditched $400 worth of yeast. The problem was there are so many varieties and people want choices, but then they don’t sell. To make the last day fun we’ve decided to hold a homebrew workshop.”

They’re shutting things down in style, though. Merritt will conduct a blowout session at 10 a.m. on Oct. 10, as he demonstrates an all-grain mash and brew with his own homebrew set-up. Local hobbyists can sign up to attend the session and “pick his brain on the ins and outs of all grain homebrewing.” Space is limited to 8-10 people, and there’s a $100 charge. Lunch will be provided.

“This should be a really fun brew day, says Tenney. ” The style will be up to the participants. It will be a standard five-gallon batch. And, yes, they will be able to take home some, about a month later. We’ll also have some sales on whatever is left in the shop.”

E-mail or call 843-343-4727 for reservations and info. See for more.

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