It could be the weather or the laid-back lifestyle, but whatever the reason, Charleston has attracted a lot of talented folks to the area. David Stahl is a prime example.

The Charleston Symphony Orchestra’s music director and conductor got hooked when he directed three one-act operas during Spoleto in 1981. Stahl has been in high demand throughout the world ever since, conducting over 100 orchestras and opera companies across four continents. But he’s always called Charleston his home. Now he’s turned 60 and he’s starting his transition to laureate conductor.

This post will enable him to stay deeply involved in the CSO, conducting at least two concerts a year. He will also continue to serve as music director of the Bavarian Staatstheater am Gaertnerplatz in Munich, Germany.

The CSO has three years to find a new music director. The process will begin in earnest next season — its 75th — with a search committee composed of representatives from across the community. Potential candidates will be invited to conduct programs during the 75th and 76th seasons.

“It is time now for us all to think about the future, and the next generation of leadership,” says Maestro Stahl. “I am so proud of our musicians and what we have accomplished. What we have built. I’m grateful for their support over the years.”

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