Goga, Project Runway contestant Gordana Gehlhausen’s King Street store, is closing. Manager Ruggie Ridgeway cites the downturn of the economy and Gehlhausen’s focus on her flagship San Diego store as reasons for the shuttering. Before the rumor mill starts spinning, Ridgeway wanted to state that the closing has nothing to do with the Project Runway results.

Bad news for King Street, however, is good news for local fashionistas. All clothing items will be 50 percent off and the store is selling everything down to the mannequins. Hurry to Goga while the deals last. The store is located at 377 King Street just below Calhoun. Call (843) 722-3774 for more info.

Update: A new shipment recently came into the store, and they’re staying open through November to try to clear everything out. Everything is still 50 percent off!

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