More Sean Brock news. We just wrote about how the McCrady’s chef fed Tom Colicchio and introduced him to his pigs out on Wadmalaw. Today, we’ve got more to share. Mother Nature Network (MNN) , an online resource for environmental news, has named Brock one of their 40 Chefs Under 40.

The site has put together a list of young chefs across the nation who “make dining a memorable, eco-epicurean experience.”

Along with Brock, fellow Charleston chef/trailblazer Adam Howard of Street Foods is on the list for his mobile local food-a-teria. They praise him for keeping “hungry, adventurous patrons on their toes by offering a constantly rotating menu that’s primarily based on what’s fresh and seasonal that day.”

The two join a prestigious roster of chefs that includes Top Cheftestant Kevin Gillespie, Iron Chef finalist Jose Garces, and White House Chef Sam Kass.

The 40 Chefs Under 40 is a companion to an earlier piece MNN did on 40 Farmers Under 40, both cool features, but I want to know how they missed Rita Bachmann of Rita’s Roots.

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