Think Barack Obama has been beat up enough? Sen. Jim DeMint does.

South Carolina’s junior senator went so far as to say he didn’t want to break the president on ABC’s This Week.

No, DeMint has turned his attention to the Democratic-led Congress.

“After 3 years of controlling both houses of Congress, they’re still trying to blame someone else,” DeMint said. “We’ve got to get rid of this inheritance idea. The Democrats have to start taking some responsibility.”

Calling for, gulp, bipartisanship, DeMint said it was time to stop a government takeover of healthcare and focus on jobs.

“Now, what we need to do is work together,” he said.
It was a strong appearance, until DeMint was forced to defend increased corporate involvement in financing elections.

“We can’t promote freedom and democracy by limiting free speech,” he said.

But then asked about foreign corporations that would be able to join in this massive spending, DeMint seemed surprised.

“I hope we make sure this is an American focus,” DeMint said. “We’ll have to sort all of this out.”

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