New Belgium NBB Love

A hazy, tart ale brewed in the style of Flanders Red. “They never release this one,” says Scott Shor of the Charleston Beer Exchange about the Colorado brewery’s specialty. “I will not get to try all of the beers, but the NBB Love is one that hell will freeze over if don’t get a sample of it. I’m a sourhead. The good sour beers are my arena of personal consumption.”

Foothills Sexual Chocolate

A full-bodied imperial stout with notes of espresso, blackstrap molasses, toffee, and dark fruit, brewed in Winston-Salem, N.C. “It’s too hard … it’s like picking children,” says Jaime Tenny of COAST when asked for her must-drink pick. “My mind instantly goes to a regional brewery who I’m friends with. Sexual Chocolate is really good. There’s actual baking chocolate in it, but it’s not just a chocolate bomb. It’s still beery.”

Duck-Rabbit Cherry Madness

A very dark sour ale aged in casks, utilizing Montmorency sour cherries. “Duck Rabbit produced the first beer from N.C. that made it onto the‘s Top 50 list,” says Brandon Plyler of the CBX. “They play around with braggots [a beer/mead blend] and sour beers. They deserve more acclaim. They’ve tried specialties before many others in the Southeast have tried them.”

Bell’s Oarsman Ale

A domestic ale brewed in the uniquely tart Berliner Weissbier style by Bell’s Brewery in Michigan. “This will be the first time [Bell’s Oarsman Ale] is in the state. It’s draft-only,” says CBX’s Rich Carley. “We all love Berliner Weissbier here in the store, and there are only a few domestic micros who make it. Some people add woodruff or raspberry syrup, but I like it just like it is.”

Palmetto Chocolate Bock

City Paper beer guy T. Ballard Lesemann will be looking for the brand-new bock from Charleston’s Palmetto Brewing Co. where brewers Michael Davis and Ed Falkenstein use roasted cocoa beans in their rendition of the dark, malty Bavarian-style lager. “The chocolate flavors and aromas aren’t so pronounced, like some beers,” says Davis. “It’s much more subtle.” It’s one of four new specialties from Palmetto that will be available for sampling at the Brewvival.

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