Just when it seems bands with punctuation marks had gone the way of the Aughts, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! comes barreling into pop consciousness. The assembly of hipsters — the brainchild of de facto leader, 22-year-old Neil Fridd — aren’t reinvigorating synth-pop or indie-rock, but rather marrying the two with avant garde, open-arm party spectacles.

The N.Y.C.-based collective doesn’t even have an album to its credit yet, but they’ve already been profiled in The New York Times, thanks to a reputation for hosting body-shaking, beat-breaking throw-downs. It’s elevated by their “just fucking do it!” joie de vivre and a propensity for flamboyant costumes that seem to come straight from the world’s most awesome tickle-trunk.

“We show up with a billion lights, bags of costumes, 60 or more light sabers, and really good songs,” Fridd says. “We grab mics and say, ‘We’re going to throw an awesome dance party, run around, and scream about how fucking cool it is to finally kiss that person you’ve been crushing on for months.’ There is nothing better than partying until five in the morning when you have to be up for work at seven, and how your friends are so fucking great.”

The group’s hard-partying, love everyone, dance ‘n’ thrash vibe doesn’t necessarily translate on their upcoming debut LP, I Love You. I Love You. I Love You And I’m In Love With You. Have An Awesome Day! Have The Best Day Of Your Life!. The loose vibe of most of the tracks calls to mind a drug-fueled campfire singalong, particularly the casually catchy and nostalgic “Snowday,” which boasts some nifty banjo playing and periodic vocal bursts from the backing singers.

While it makes sense to release an LP so people who can’t go to shows have something other than grainy YouTube videos to capture some aspect of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, the point of this group is to bring together hundreds of young and old bodies, squeezing, sweating, and congealing into one giant, gyrating fire hazard. If someone is dressed like a disco unicorn, all the better.

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