Event organizer Eddie White and the folks at Awendaw Green are hosting a special fundraiser show at the Windjammer on Fri. April 23. Arranged as a benefit for local businessman and family man Dave Pugh — a 34 year old who recently received an official diagnosis of Stage III thymic carcinoma, a rare and aggressive form of thymic cancer.

The event features five local artists. Gregory Scott kicks things off at 9 p.m., followed by Steven Hurst, A Fragile Tomorrow, Flood Empty Lakes, and The Shaniqua Brown. A Fragile Tomorrow and Flood Empty Lakes will release their new CDs at the event — both of which were recorded at Awendaw Green’s studio. There’s a $5 cover. Funds go directly to the Brave for Dave Foundation.

Visit the-windjammer.com and caringbridge.org/visit/davidpugh76 for more.

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