COAST Brewing Co. co-founder Jaime Tenny is asking local beer enthusiasts to contact the S.C. Senate Judiciary Committee members today and express their support for House bill 3693 — a bill proposed by state Rep. Bill Herbkersman (R-Beaufort) that allow microbreweries to offer samples and limited sales on site.

Herbkersman told City Paper last week that there was already substantial support from wholesalers, distributors, and breweries in the state.

The bill passed the state Senate subcommittee today (Thurs. May 6). Tenny and other posted a series of updates via Twitter this morning and afternoon, urging supporters to contact Senator Phil Leventis (D-Columbia), who is contesting the similar bill, H. 4572, which would allow tastings at retail outlets as well as at the actual breweries.

Retailers and vineyards can currently allow such events with wine and spirits With legalized beer tastings in South Carolina on the line, the folks at COAST and like-minded supporters only have the rest of the afternoon to contact their representatives.

Tenny suggested contacting Sen. Leventis directly at (803) 212-6000, by e-mail at, or via his page at the State House website.

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