Not only was Dana Friedman born and raised in Charleston, she learned to act right here as well. A Theatre-Wings Apprentice at Charleston Stage Company, she acted in her first play at 9 years old.

In her senior speech at Ashley Hall, she promised that she would one day return to direct a play at Charleston Stage. Five years later, she did just that. “I was like, ‘Oh, wait. My dream came true already. Well, now what?'” The next year, she was invited to work with PURE Theatre.

“I’ve come to realize just how capable Charleston is of producing theater not just for tourists and the local community, but theater of a national standard,” she says.

During a conversation with singer Sarah Ogden, Friedman developed the idea of a cabaret as her next Charleston project. It ended up becoming a light-hearted, surreal fantasy involving, well, Muppets.

“I had been working with Mitch Raftery,” she says. “He does a cabaret here [in New York] that you just cannot get tickets to unless you know somebody.” The cabaret, A Little Bit in Love, is a fun-filled frolic replete with medleys inspired by the 1980s and James Bond. Shake it and stir it.

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