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Washington Post political blogger Chris Cilliza includes two South Carolina primary updates in his morning wrap-up, but what’s more surprising is that he only refers to Nikki Haley in passing, with no mention of the alleged affair she had with popular political blogger Will Folks.

After yesterday’s shocking season finale, all we have today to report is Folks’ latest interview with Spartanburg’s News Channel 7. They sum it up in the headline: “They asked me to deny it.”

And Folks has a new post on his own site. He’s collecting witnesses who saw Haley’s car it his house, like, all the time when the alleged affair was still hot and heavy. He also suggests that he was first alerted to outside knowledge of the affair when “confronted” with a picture of the two.

Then there are several text and e-mail exchanges released between he and Haley that could have just as easily referred to Folks struggling with a particularly troubling kidney stone. For example:

“Stay strong. Have faith,” Haley replied to Folks. “I’m sorry for any pain you are having to go through. You will be ok and better for it.”

“I have considered leaving the whole business,” Folks replied.

“Focus on healing yourself and clearing your mind,” Haley responded. “It will help you get everything into a realistic perspective. Only then can you make the right decisions for you and your family. You will get through this. I promise.”

Considering leaving the business? He may not have an option … Stay tuned.

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