Here’s the thing about the Cody Rivers Show: It’s one of those performances that is so good in such a strange way that you will leave the theater ready to tell every comedy fan you know all about it. But when you start talking about it … you’re not sure what to say, exactly.

Andrew Connor and Mike Mathieu are the funnymen who make up The Cody Rivers Show. Each one has stage training and experience aplenty, both are big dogs at the iDiOM Theatre in Bellingham, Wash., and, when paired together on stage, something strange and special happens that might just make this show one of the best performances you’ll see, comedy or otherwise, this year.

They dance and their words dance. It’s madcap slapstick that is oddly cerebral. You walk away laughing despite the disturbing feeling, lingering somewhere deep beneath the chuckles, that you were educated while you were entertained.

So what do they do, exactly? Well, they might do a synchronized dance. They might use puppets, declare the day to be Opposite Day, or do something completely new and unpredictable. It will be good, though, whatever they do.

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